From presence to co-presence: ‘being there’ in virtual and mixed reality

The term ‘presence’ is a contraction for ‘telepresence,’ which has been described as the ‘defining experience of VR’ (Steuer 1992). Conventionally, the functioning of ‘presence’ in virtual environments indicates the degree to which participants feel that they are somewhere other than where they ‘physically’ are while experiencing a computer-generated simulation (Sheridan, 1992a and 1992b; Barfield […]

Thoughts on mixed reality at the Science Museum

The Science Museum has a long, long history of interactive exhibits and use of digital technology. The earliest explorations of how hands-on experiences could bring science and technology to life date back to the 1930s. Interactivity is now a fundamental part of the museum’s offer and making sure that these exhibits are audience centred and […]