Placing mixed reality in the museum

One of the main challenges of this project is to create two experiences taking place in two augmented worlds located within two museums that have very distinct spatial characteristics. Each experience is to be formed by a temporary installation comprising a set of rooms with specific architectural and scenographic qualities. This means that while the […]

Accompanying visitors at the Natural History Museum

To assess what future audiences might enjoy as part of museum visiting, this project started by looking into existing studies exploring how current audiences experience museums and heritage organisations. Two initial workshops were held at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, during which teams from the museums illustrated how they conduct audience research […]

Creative workshops

Since our project started a few months ago, various teams, each representing an indispensable area of expertise, have been researching what audiences of the future might wish to engage with and how best to facilitate this engagement. Crucial questions have been asked including, for example, how to provide audiences with valuable learning experiences in mixed […]