The Natural History Museum team

Clare Laws

Clare LawsClare is Head of Resources and Planning, Engagement Group, Natural History Museum. Clare has worked at the Museum as a senior head of department since 2009 and has led the Resources and Planning department since 2013.  She is responsible for organisational planning and financial oversight for the public facing engagement teams and commercial businesses, championing excellence in working practice. She has a background in project, programme and risk management in both the public and private sector.  She has a keen interest and academic background in film and theatre.

Marie Hobson

Marie Hobson

Marie is Learning and Audience Research Manager at the Natural History Museum. She is responsible for: setting and delivering the research and evaluation strategy for the Museum; providing practical research to inform the development and delivery of the Museum’s offer; developing partnerships with academic institutions; and using audience insight to inform the Museum’s strategic direction. She has spent the last ten years working in the research and evaluation field at the NHM, Science Museum and HLF. Marie was first elected Chair of the Research and Evaluation (REV) thematic group at ECSITE (the European Network of Science Centres and Museums) and has been a recent Visitor Studies Group (VSG) committee member. She has an MA in Museum Studies and is currently studying for a Doctorate in Education focusing on the professionalization of visitor studies, evaluation utilisation and bridging the gap between research and practice.

Katherine Biggs

As Partnerships Manager, Katherine manages the day-to-day running of the project for the Natural History Museum. Prior to this she was the Lead Digital Project Manager for the Museums + Heritage Awards 2019-shortlisted Endeavour galleries project at the National Maritime Museum. She also worked across all six of Historic Royal Palaces’ sites, specialising in engaging audiences with culture and heritage through digital technology. This included large-scale, interactive 360° experiences at family festivals, a MOOC on the FutureLearn platform, and award-winning app-based digital missions for children. Katherine also co-managed the British Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre and its digital learning programmes aimed at families and young audiences.

Alex Burch

Dr Alex Burch is responsible for the public programme at the Natural History Museum together with the Museum’s international and national offer—which currently involves taking Dippy the Diplodocus on a three year tour of the UK. Alex has twenty years of experience in the museum sector and has worked on a wide-range of innovative and award-winning projects, from object-rich galleries to hands-on spaces and from event programmes to digital games, all with a focus on engaging audiences with science. Alex’s background is in marine biology and she spent four years studying crabs before joining the Science Museum’s Audience Research team to study visitors.

Sean Carroll

Sean is Business Improvement Manager at the Natural History Museum, with responsibility for negotiating commercial contracts with partners, supporting internal teams in the development of proposals, and working on a range of museum improvement initiatives. Having joined the Museum in December 2018, he brings experience from across the public sector delivering commercialisation and change programmes.

Susannah Maidment

Dr Susannah Maidment is a dinosaur researcher and curator of non-avian archosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Her research interests focus on the palaeobiology of the armoured dinosaurs, the evolution of four-legged locomotion in dinosaurs, and the fossil record of the Western Interior, USA. Prior to the Natural History Museum, Susannah was a Research Fellow at Imperial College, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Natural History Museum, and spent time working in industry as an Exploration Geologist. She has a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and an MSci from Imperial College London. She was the recipient of the Geological Society of London’s Lyell Fund in 2017 and the Palaeontological Association’s Hodson Award in 2016, both awarded for contributions to palaeontology by an Early Career Researcher.

Desiree Vaccarini

Desiree is Audience Researcher and Advocate at the Natural History Museum. Her role involves advocating for visitors’ needs, wants and expectations primarily across exhibitions and interpretation and supporting other teams across the Museum by conducting, commissioning and consulting on audience research and evaluation. She has previously worked for the Science Museum Group and other cultural organisations and museums. Desiree is a Visitor Studies Group (VSG) committee member.